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$29 / Month

This plan Includes a business text marketing platform plus:

500 SMS Text Credits

Up to 2 vCardIQ™

Up to 4 Text Keywords

SMS Text Credit

Referral Program

You get all benefits from the PROFESSIONAL Plan but just MORE of each features:

Frequently Asked Questions

$49 one-time set up for each vCard.
Applies to all plans.

Each text credit equals to one text message sent to one number with the message being 160 characters or less. For example,  if you send out a text message to 100 contacts, then you would have used 100 text credits. Text credits are also used when uploading contacts as our system needs to send outbound text to carriers in the process of verifying each number to make sure they are valid mobile numbers.

How are SMS text credits calculated ?

No! when someone text your keywords or replies to your text messages, you are not charged for that. Text credits are used only for OUTGOING text messages sent from your account.

Am I charged for INCOMING text messages?

Yes. There is a nominal one-time $49 set up charge to design and assemble each vCardIQ™. This initial set up fee will also include any minor updates (within reasons) in the future such as updating your picture, content, etc.

Is there a setup charge?

Once we've received your picture and content information, it typically takes 1 to 5 business days to set up your vCardIQ™ and online account. Your assigned account manager will contact you to review your specific set up and time frame.

How long does it take to set up?

After you have completed the payment process, you will be directed to an instructional page on how to send your picture and content information to us so we can assemble your vCardIQ. You can also email your content directly to us at

What are the next steps after I sign up?

With the BASIC plan, you get one vCardIQ™ and one keyword.


With the PROFESSIONAL plan, you have up to 2 vCardIQ™ hosted on this plan. You would just pay the $49 one-time set up for additional vCardIQ™ whenever you are ready. You get 2 text keywords for every hosted vCardIQ™. If you need more than 2 vCardIQ™ or more keywords then you may want to consider the PLUS Plan.

How many vCardIQ™ and keywords do I get?

When you maintain your service on PROFESSIONAL plan, you will also qualify to participate in our Referral Program. You can get a MONTHLY credit (up to $29/mo.) when you refer a handful of active clients. Your assigned account manager will give you full details when you become a client.

How does the Referral Program work?

With the PROFESSIONAL plan, you will not loose any of the unused SMS text credits, it will just ROLL-OVER to next month. For example, you start your first month with 500 credits and you only use 200 credits, the remaining 300 credits will ROLL-OVER to next month which will start next month with 800 total credits. As long as you do not downgrade your plan or become inactive, then your unused SMS credits will continue to ROLL-OVER and accrue.

Do I loose my UNUSED text credits?

No! We do not allow "spam" texting to a purchased list. Besides, it is simply not good business practice. Our text marketing platform is most effective when used to communicate with your targeted contacts that have given opt-in permission.

Can I send mass text to a purchased list(s)?

For quickest respond, you can send all billing questions and inquiries to and a representative will respond promptly. You can also contact us at toll-free (888) 231-3738.

How do I contact for billing inquiries?

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BASIC Plan - $19 / Month

This plan includes a business text marketing platform plus:

1 vCardIQ Only

250 SMS Text Credits

1 Text Keyword

PLUS Plan - $39 / Month

800 SMS Text Credits

Up to 3 vCardIQ™

Up to 6 Text Keywords

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